Fashion? Isn’t that something that chicks are into?”

It’s unfortunate, but the above quote pretty much sums up the traditional attitude that the American culture has had about fashion as it relates to men. On the surface, one can hardly blame men who have grown up in recent times. After all, we’re talking about a period where the popular culture and media narratives have continually presented the iconic American male outfit as a plain T-shirt and jeans. We’re talking about a business climate where the unmistakable trend over the past half century has been to dress more and more casually. I remember the last corporate job I worked for. Most of the men paid little to no attention to how they dressed. Stonewashed dad jeans, untucked collared shirts hanging down to the lower thighs, and gym sneakers adorned the offices and cubicles of this 45-year-old company, where the standard dress code used to be a full-on business suit , polished shoes, cuff links, and (gasp), even a tie not too long ago. With all the messages that both businesses and individuals send us men about fashion becoming more and more irrelevant, we might be able to forgive many for succumbing to the easier, effortless, more comfortable options.

However, the people sending those utilitarian messages are probably not thinking in the moment about how you appear to the opposite sex. They may have temporarily forgotten the statistic being bandied about on countless studies, the one that says that people will make snap judgments about your appearance in the first several seconds of meeting you, and that the information presented in those precious seconds will be almost entirely based around how you look. Once that critical first impression is made, it becomes anywhere from extremely difficult to hopelessly impossible to alter.  This means that before you even get a chance to charm everyone with your killer personality and clever wit, you are already possibly being placed in the “I don’t want to know you” category, unnecessarily sabotaging your chances of getting to know a really amazing woman.

The fact is, you never know when you are going to run into the woman of your dreams. You might think it’s going to be at the next big cocktail party you’re being invited to, but it could just as easily be when you’re going to the grocery store or the convenience store for a quick snack, and you didn’t think you needed to wear anything special, so you just put on your coffee stained  t-shirt, sweatpants and flip-flops, hoping to get “in and out” without anyone noticing. But, if an attractive woman is there, then she will notice, and she will be harshly judging you based on your lackluster fashion choices for those 15 minutes. So why take the chance of throwing away what could be an awesome first impression? Why not focus on maximizing your style no matter what situation you are in? Today, we’re going to look at why it pays to tend to your fashion at all times, and the amazing benefits it gives both you and the women you interact with.

How Dressing Your Best Affects Your own Self Belief and Self Image

The quickest and most noticeable benefit of paying attention to your fashion is the huge confidence boost it gives you. Studies have shown time and time again, that if you dress a certain way, then subconsciously, you will start to act a certain way. This means if you dress in a fancy suit every day, then you’re going to start acting, and ultimately believing that you can play the part of a successful captain of industry. Conversely, if you put no effort in, and dress like you just got out of bed, your confidence and mindset will begin to conform to those stereotypes associated with that type of person as well. Such is the power that clothes bring to us. Once our confidence and our sense of competence increases from wearing the right clothes, it will produce a ripple effect that will spread out and touch every area of our lives. Our interactions with others will become more positive, and we will of course, be considered much more favorably by women, who on average, rank a good sense of style highly on their list of desirable male traits, even more than having lots of money, depending on which source you believe. This will then create a positive feedback loop, where being looked on more favorably by women will create more confidence, which will create more attraction, which will create more confidence, etc.

How Dressing Your Best Affects the Women Around You

Human beings are visual creatures. Research has shown that people respond and react to visual cues between 3 and 5 times stronger than auditory cues. This means that how you are presenting yourself visually will make a huge impression on any woman you meet, much more so than what you say (at least during those first few critical moments when meeting them). When a woman sees that a man has put effort into his appearance and his dress, it signals to her several things. Firstly, it shows her that he is a man who pays attention to detail. It also shows that he values his overall well-being and his own personal brand, and that he values himself highly enough to warrant putting in the effort to look his best. This creates a doubly positive impression where she is both impressed with how he appears on the outside, as well as with his confidence and self assuredness on the inside. Women also associate well dressed men with authority, competence, and high social status, all qualities that are extremely attractive.  Finally, dressing well signals to a woman that the man she is seeing has his life in order and is well-adjusted. Both consciously as unconsciously, a woman will see a sharp dressed man as much less likely to be a crazy psychopath than one who looks like an unshaven, unkempt homeless person. Makes sense.

So, Now What?

So what exactly does “dressing well” mean? Does it mean that we have to wear a suit everywhere we go, even if it’s just a quick 15 minute trip to 7-Eleven? Of course not. Wearing a suit is powerful and sexy, but there is a time and a place for it. When it comes to dressing well at all times and for all situations, it helps to remember what not to wear as much as what to wear. You can wear t-shirts, jeans, shorts, polo shirts, etc when you are not in a formal setting, as long as the clothes fit properly and are not oversized, and that the colors and styles match your natural tones. We will talk more about specific fashion tips in future installments, as well as the all important fashion don’ts. For now, I hope this has been helpful in remembering just why fashion and style should be an important consideration in your dating life.




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